Future of Color

Fine Art photography collections by Award Winning Commercial Photographer Jiri Lizler


About Jiri

Commercial Photographer with over 9 years of experience

When High School ended, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I pursued that path without looking back. Nine years later, my portfolio is filled with client work. I am proud of my journey as a commercial photographer, but it left a void in me that needed to be filled. As my imagination bubbled in color, the art collection displayed below took form. I am proud to be making it available as NFTs. Please continue reading to understand where my art projects are headed, where you can find them, and how you can support them. 



Over the last decade behind the lens, I have been fortunate to work for some of the world’s most renowned brands. The experience has been awesome. Working for these companies has served to further my inspiration for the arts as well. 

My Philosophy

I am where I am in life because I used technology to my advantage. When others were fearful, I kept trying new things. Some of it hasn’t left the drawing board, but that's life in the art world. My twin passions for tech and gaming are colliding with the metaverse at precisely the right time. I look forward to being a part of a digital life you can customize to your liking.

Why did I create this collection?

Creating in bold and living in the new. Breaking boundaries. Inspiring change. Illuminating your imagination. Rediscovering myself. Reinventing the reasons I first went after the images that led me to a life behind the lens. These are the burning desires which have transformed into the colorful series you’re invited to be a part of. 


NFT Perks


Voyager Elite & Legendary

Every holder of FOC (Future of Color) NFT will get assigned a role on our discord. Gather more from different Voyages and you get something extra.


May the most creative win

Although not mandatory, some of you may want to share your creations. Every ‘set time’ we will vote and select a winner.


Put it on

the display!

After the successful sale of Voyage 02, it will be time for us to make our mark in the metaverse and build our own gallery. The winners will have their images displayed.


Wear it proudly!

Nothing says love for color more than what we wear. I prefer black myself, add some ‘color’ into it. The sparks are flying!

Looks good on the wall

If you HODL NFT from all Voyages you will receive a hand-signed print by Jiri from his awarded series. More details soon...

Currently building in:





Behind the Scenes - Planets

From Whiskey to Nail Polish, we tried so many mediums. In every combination, we added temperature and wind. The results were never the same. This is where art lives.


Voyage 01


Once I saw this amazing bubble filled with so many colors, I knew I had to still it. Who wouldn't like to live in a universe like this? Days of preparations, different liquids mixed, hundreds of bubbles popped, we kept blowing into them to give the colors a sense of movement. Each is a voyage unto its own.